The beauty of using Paywitty is that you never get to leave Instagram when adding a product on Instagram and on your Paywitty at the same time. For every product you want your customers to buy with the "@yourstorehandle #buy" comment, you will have to add it to your Paywitty via Instagram following the steps below:

  1. You can list a product at the point of uploading a post. Firstly, upload the picture and apply the filters you desire. 

  2. Include as caption on the post the following in this order; "#sell #product name #price " followed, then any other hashtags you want to add as tags or categories that you want the product to list under. Example is "#sell #Cover Heels Size 7 US #21.99USD #shoe #fashion"

  3. Once you do this on the post, it automatically creates the product in our system and simple! You’re ready to sell

  4. FOR OLDER POSTS ALREADY ON INSTAGRAM: If you have posted the picture already, not to worry. Just post the content of point 2 above into the comment section and it lists your product in our system automatically too.